Advantage & Facilities


International Qualifications and Recognition
Raffles Millennium International offers a 3 year progression programme.On completion of this programme graduates will be awarded a Bachelor of Design degree from Raffles College of Design and Commerce Sydney,Australia. Students are conferred with internationally accredited design qualifications at the end of their studies.

Industry Projects and Internships
Students at Raffles Millennium International enjoy valuable, hands-on practical experience through internships and various commercial projects. Vocational training provides students with the opportunity to establish personal networks with important industry contacts, enhancing their personal portfolios and employability.

Inter-College Transfer of Credits
Raffles is the only institution that offers inter-college transfer credits among our colleges in the Asia Pacific region. Be it in the cosmopolitan cities of Singapore and Sydney, or the financial hubs located in Shanghai or Beijing, our students can gain international exposure by living and studying in any of our campuses located in our network.

Jump Start Your Career
Our intensive curriculum ensures that students will earn an internationally recognised degree in three years. Proudly taught by our team of talented lecturers, students will be equipped with the knowledge and ability to interact with people from diverse nationalities and achieve career maturity at a faster rate.

Academic Terms
Raffles Millennium International offers 4 intakes annually: every January, April, July and October. Students are given the flexibility to commence their studies at a time convenient to them, while graduates can start their careers at 4 separate times through the year, maximising employment prospects for graduates and serving the on-going human resource needs of respective design industries throughout the year.
One academic year consists of 4 terms with 12 study weeks, and a 1 week holiday between terms. Orientation Day happens on the first Monday of the corresponding month, with the opportunity to speak to lecturers and fresh students. Come join us to realise your design


Raffles Millennium International enhances your creativity and gives you hands-on training using the latest technologies in the most modern facilities available. we stay ahead of the curve by continually investing in and upgrading our facilities.

  • Wi-Fi-Campus
  • Fully Air-Conditioned Classrooms
  • Student Resource Centre
  • Macintosh Computer Studio & PC lab
  • Sewing Room
  • Pattern Drafting Studio
  • Interior Design Studio
  • Graphic Design Studio
  • Photo Studio
  • Product Design Studio